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Five great shows to kick off 2018 that ranked in the top 50 nationally in 2017, five of them in Missouri. It was a phenomenal year for art in St. Louis, which was nearly sold out in Florida, Houston and Kansas City.

We have worked hard to rebuild our inventory and have some great new choices for our spring and summer shows (see schedule). The spring schedule has been released and includes 5 shows that rank in the top 30 in this country.

Several other series are on display at the St. Louis Museum of Art and the Missouri Art Museum. Wayne will have his first solo show in Chicago, December 3-6, and his second solo show in New York City, December 7-9.

We hope you can visit one of these great shows in your area or just call us if you need us! On this page we will try to keep you informed about upcoming shows and other events in the St. Louis area. If you have any questions about our services, please fill out our contact form and our friendly and competent team will be happy to answer all your questions and determine whether we are the right solution for your puppy.

We hope that people sitting in the waiting room will also see that they have their personal stories that may not have been expressed yet, and this is a good time to tell them about them. Bebe has a well-written picture of motivation and joy in our work, as well as the love for our dogs.

This sculpture, called the "Heart of the River," stands at its foot and shows three trees at the river's edge. The tree sculptures with exposed underground roots represent a complete story, the substructure of which honestly reveals the private foundations of life and the character of the tree. Stay tuned for our new Golden Series, which features leaves and gold leaf on trees that shine brilliantly in the light.

With limbs reaching unimaginable lengths, this living oak honours those who do not seem to accept the limitations of life. The underground history reveals the roots that find a water supply and constant nourishment. This tree appeals to the righteous indignation of the tree pruners of his youth, who thoughtlessly vilified the area for the sake of the utility company.

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Like most shepherds, Quincy is so smart, eager, has a high drive, needs a lot of guidance and has had to complete most of our winter specials and large orders, including a group of 6-foot trees shown here with her assistants Andrea and Karen. Our team knows how to recognize and treat dogs of all sizes, breeds and temperaments. We have had large visitors to the exhibition who have chosen our works as pieces they want to have in their homes.

The compressed rubber floor was specially designed to support the installation of the sculpture and its installation on the walls. TV interview that enabled him to talk about the motivation and joy that an artist can find in his work. He had the birch tree, which symbolizes the productive energy of our country, created forever through the work of his family and friends. This one kind of sculpture was bought by a man with a smile as big as that of the artist and his wife.

This honor was a real surprise to me because it came at an exhibition with drastically decimated inventory. I was joined by a local CBS station where Wayne could talk about what it was like to be on the show as an artist. We were invited to show that contestants in a jury show must have won an important prize just to check acceptance. If you're just applying for the judging panel on this show, you have to win it, and you can't do it without an application.

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More About St Peters