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St. Louis may no longer have a football team, but you don't need a party in the trunk to cheer on your favorite NFL team. You can get on a car at any time of the day or night to watch a live sporting event, even out of season and even after the game.

With more than 40 flat-screen TVs, you'll be sure to find your favourite football team playing on the screen. And if you look at the 30-plus HDTVs, chances are college football is on the menu.

Don't be surprised if you forget to sit in a sports bar, as the menu choice will certainly leave you mouth watering with chicken wings and delicious Reuben sandwiches. If you love a day game, open the carriage at the Soulard location of St. Louis Nightlife on Saturday and Sunday. Your server will deliver the best burgers behind the counter and the shopping carts will pick you up after a Cardinals or Blues game and take you home.

If you want to watch a game from the comfort of your living room, but want to cheer up the atmosphere during the game, this is the place to be. Duke hosts NFL kickoff parties and the best places to watch the game on the field sit with friends at the original pub location to watch the action. The place is full every evening when sports fans are looking for cheering and good friends and food.

If you need a moment to relax, step outside and breathe in the fresh air before heading back to the roots to win your team. There is a crack party here every week and if there is a good time, it is the best of them all.

I sank my teeth into the thin crusted pizza and the roasted ravioli that people bring to this area to enjoy. The catfish nuggets, packaged as a roast, arrived in a pan of cake within minutes. While the bar's neighbors apparently set out to order pork steak, my order did not disappoint. Cheap and delicious plate food is not to be disappointed, of course I agreed, but I let it slide because I was watching my buds. It seems like a compliment and I'm glad I did it because it's one of my favorite things in the world.

If you look only at the bar's website (linked above), you will see everything you need to know, the field girls are the most obvious lot. On the website I have referred to again and again, there is no guarantee of such a hearty party into the night. I'd have to wait for someone to swing past the hanging lights, but I'm pretty sure they're there.

The Field House is there for the basics of bar life, but there is a certain form that suits me. When you sit at the bar, you can look into the kitchen, where young chefs prepare a variety of foods for a deep fryer and serve catfish, shrimp, chicken and various vegetables in their cosy dough. It sounds incredibly funny, so I decided to invest at least part of my money in fried food. The guys seem to be preparing the food of a farm and the local ALH is just a stone's throw away and offers a wide range of different types of fried foods as well as a selection of beer and wine.

This is a place that happens by chance and must be stopped on your next visit to St. Peters, it is one of the best places in town and a must for a good night's sleep.

If you walk down ALH 313 two blocks, you can imagine what things might be coming your way. There's a field box and a few shop windows, but with the few lazy Roustabouts sitting barefoot with a bottle of Bud, this place is destroying that image. However, I am told that there is another one that is clearly tailored to the motorcycle parked at the weekend, with dozens of bikes scattered around the entrance.

The Hobo has a great sound, with a public address system that pumps calls into the room, but it should be said that the bar is currently loaded with TVs with cards and dice games. As the name of this bar and grill suggests, this welcoming place in the South City has now expanded to include a location in South County. The Celtic bar / themed restaurant offers a great place for those who need a moment of peace and good food and drinks. Businesses and services surround the park, which is located at the back of the parking lot, just a few blocks from the baseball field.

The bartender mentioned that this weekend the Festival of Small Hills is taking place, which leads to traffic jams on the main artery of the city. Three more customers joined and the bartender spent time with them, all regulars, it seemed. Everyone was in the Little Hills, and pretty much the entire bar was still there. The audience was good, with at least 50 people gathered around the bar, with a good amount of food and drinks on tap and plenty of beer in hand.

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